Fahrerstreik LUK MAZ AGMAZ Imperia

    • Hallo an alle ,

      wird wieder kräftig nach Kunden Ausschau gehalten , Email von eben :

      Dear sir or Madam

      We're the AGMAZ/LUKMAZ a Polish Transport Company which is on the market for 15 Years already, Due to expansing of Our business we're looking for New Partners with who We can raise Our Possibilities on the market.
      At the moment we can offer You Tautliners with XL Codes, EDSCHA Roof etc.
      At The moment we're looking for Partner who can guide Our trucks around EU.
      We're mostly interested in
      - Tautliners roundtrips over EU terriory(excluding UK) prefered FR/DE/Benelux, IT/DE/Benelux, ES/FR/DE/Benelux
      - Special transports, like oversize etc.
      - Rate per KM
      - Minimum 10 000KM per month

      Our fleet of Scania, Mercedes, Volvo Trucks is being modernized each Year. At the end of 2022 we own 800 vehicles in EU traffic.
      Just to clarify we're looking for orders and we will do the dispo.

      If You would be interested do not hesitate to contact Us in any matter.

      Kind regards